Rainbow Lorikeet, Colorful Birds From Australia

Rainbow Lorikeet is a colorful birds from Australia. These birds have an interesting and beautiful colors, and colors that stand out on this bird’s body. Rainbow Lorikeet is more often called the call “rainbow” because this bird has a wide range of colors like the rainbow colors. Rainbow Lorikeet Bird has a green color on the back, blue on the head, red on the chest, and a little yellow on the back. This is the kind of birds that have beautiful colors and interesting mix.

Rainbow Lorikeet is a beautiful bird from Australia, and the original habitat of this bird in the forests of Australia. Food for this very common bird species, such as fruits, honey and pollen. Rainbow Lorikeet Bird species included in a medium sized parrot with a length of about 25 to 30 inches, and wing length of about 17 centimeters. Rainbow Lorikeet bird weight is relatively light, only ranges from 75 to 157 grams.

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