Red Bellied Parrot, Bird with Attractive Color from East African Savannah

Red bellied Parrot is a funny bird with attractive color that you can encounter in the East African Savannah. This beautiful bird Naturalife Greenworld different colors that stand out among the Red bellied Parrot Red bellied Parrot female and male. Female birds have a green and gray on the chest, while the male bird will have orange-red color in the chest. What a beautiful color differences are very striking.

This bird is a funny animal that can be trained to imitate human voices talking around him. These birds have a calm and pleasant nature. Although sometimes Red bellied Parrot will show a shy nature. If you want to keep the bird Red bellied Parrot, you only need food in the form of fruit, but if in the wild, Red bellied Parrot bird food is the fruit of the acacia.

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