Scarlet Macaw, American Rare Birds

Scarlet Macaw is a rare bird, and including protected wildlife. It’s quite beautiful colorful pet bird from the tropical forests of fir, American. Rare bird species is very beautiful because it has an attractive color. Advantages Scarlet Macaw bird is able to reach the age of 70 years of his life, when kept in captivity, so this bird, including long-lived bird species. Although able to reach the age of 70 years, but in general, the average age of the bird Scarlet Macaw is 40-50 years in captivity.

Scarlet macaws have a dominant red feathers mixed with blue and yellow in the wings. This beautiful bird has a long tail that is red, and the base of the tail section there is a hidden blue. Find the product of Scarlet Macaw here.

Scarlet Macaw Pet Bird

Pair Bird of Scarlet Macaw

Endangered Bird Scarlet Macaw

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