Tiffanie, Long Haired Pet Cat

Tiffanie is a type of pet cat descended from Chinnchilla (Persian race) and the Burmese producing Burmilla cat species, then this race Burmilla cats carry a recessive gene and the length of the Persian cat has a lineage that is Tiffanie cats. At first the developers did not breed cat of type Tiffanie with long hair, but because it is considered unique in the end this Tiffanie cat breed type.

Tiffanie is a pet cat fluffy and long, the neck is longer cat form mane like a lion’s mane. Tiffanie cat species has a dark color around the eyes. This cat is very suitable kept at home because it has spoiled and soft attitude.

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Tiffanie Pet Cat

Tiffanie Long Haired Cat

Tiffanie Cat Kittens

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