Tips on How to Feed the Beloved Pet Cat to Stay Healthy

Many ways that we do for love cats pet, including feeding routine. There are a few tips and a good way of feeding a cat pet, namely:

1. Give your cat eat three times a day with a different variation of food mix, but still maintain the balance of nutrition for our pet cats stay healthy.
2. Do not feed the adult cat too much, because adult cats are usually not going to spend the food directly, but gradually. It will make the food that we give a wasted due to stale.
3. If we have a lot of cats, should we give to eat together, it is very good for maintaining intimacy and a sense of our pet cats.
4. Tips for the latter is, do not feed the cat at night, because usually the cat will get rid of dirt between one to two hours after meals. If the cat defecate in the room at night, then it will be very inconvenient us.

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