Tonkinese, Burmese and Siamese Cat Descendants

Tonkinese cats are descendants of two different cat races, namely Burmese and Siamese. This cat has a melodious voice than the Siamese cat. Cats that have short fur and has a sturdy posture and charming. Tonkinese is the result of crossbreeding that combines all the personality of both races (Burmese and Siamese).

Tonkinese cats have an attractive personality so it is suitable kept in the apartment. However, even this funny cat needs exercise outdoors even though he was very comfortable being in the room. Tonkinese is an animal that is very appealing to cat lovers because it has three variations of the beautiful patterns, ranging from patterns of mink, solid and pointed. Of the three patterns are characteristic of the Burmese, Siamese and Tonkinese are typical. The pattern is more focused Mink Tonkinese originated from a typical, pointing pattern focused on Siamese cats and solid pattern as in the Burmese cat. However, the three patterns has a natural color that looks more attractive.

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