Turkish Van, Funny Cat From Turkey

Turkish Van is a cat pet funny and has a medium-length hair who came from Turkey. This cat has a red tabby and white colors. But after bred, this cat developed into very colorful. Ranging from cream tabby, blue tabby, brown tortie, blue tortie, dilute tortoiseshell, cream, brown, blue, and brown tabby. All these colors are attractive and beautiful colors.

Turkish Van is a cat who likes to be water, his hobby is swimming. Although fond of swimming, these cats have fur that is easy to dry. This cat has an ideal body size, body weight about 9 pounds grams. Cat with thick fur and a heavier body has grown after 3-5 years of age. This cat has a wide head shape and triangular, with broad chest. Currently this type of cat can be found in eastern Turkey, and Lake Van.

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